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South Texas Tutoring Center

"Where excellence is the standard!"

Dr. Dolores Medrano

student receiving tutoring with Dr. Medrano

Dr. Dolores Davila Medrano heads South Texas Tutoring Center where she leads a team of talented and dedicated instructors. Dr. Medrano started her career over 30 years ago as a teacher. Since then she has had a varied and distinguished career as a principal, program evaluator, reading consultant, and adjunct faculty for Houston Baptist University, Texas A&M University in Kingsville, and the University of Texas Permian Basin. As adjunct faculty, Dr. Medrano taught courses relating to reading instruction, English as a Second Language, and Language Acquisition.

While a training specialist at Intercultural Development research Association (IDRA) in San Antonio, Dr. Medrano was a curriculum writer and teacher trainer. She was also coordinator for Region 18 in Midland, Texas where she worked closely with 23 school districts in preparing them to meet state accreditation standards. Dr. Medrano arrived in Laredo in July 1992 and assumed the role of Assistant Superintendent for Instruction where she remained until 2005. While there, Dr. Medrano designed and implemented the three magnet schools, the bilingual transition program, the literacy program, and curriculum for over 16 high school courses.

Currently, Dr. Medrano is using her talents in curriculum design to provide tutoring and course credit in a variety of subjects. Dr. Medrano has developed materials and has trained her staff to help students meet STAAR test requirements, prepare the SAT and ACT, and develop programs to enrich students in all areas of the curriculum. Dr. Medrano has also developed programs to aid adults with language acquisition, and preparation for civil service such as border patrol and customs.

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