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South Texas Tutoring Center
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Dr. Dolores Medrano invites you to
South Texas Tutoring Center!

Message to Students and Parents

The safety of your children and that of our staff is my main priority. We will reopen Monday, May 18,2020 for services in our tutoring center. We will still continue to use Zoom and Skype to provide services for parents that feel more comfortable with this mode of service. However, we believe that there is no better way to work with your child than in person.

After each session, the teaching surfaces as well as chairs are cleaned with Clorox and daily our rooms are disinfected with ultraviolet light. If your child has symptoms of coughing or sneezing, please reschedule. Prepare your child and let them know that we will be taking his/her temperature with a forehead thermometer when they arrive.

In addition, we ask that all children bring some kind of face mask. We will be providing face shields that are assigned to your child and which are cleaned after every use. Please call us when you arrive. Only your child will be allowed in the tutoring center. If you need to talk, Dr. Medrano will come to you. We will go outside and take the students temperature before entering. Thank you for understanding. South Texas Tutoring Center will continue to provide quality services. Hope to see you soon and pray that a solution to this health issue will be found soon.

Dr. Dolores Medrano

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